Health (Sicko)

Michael Moore is a controversial film director. Here’s the link to his famous documentary Sicko on the American Health System.

Thanks to Joan Lluis for the link

Things seem to start to change with Obama care:

More information in

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1 Response to Health (Sicko)

  1. llibrell says:

    I highly recommend the Sicko movie to everyone because it shows the reality about health care in the States, and it will make you wonder.

    Most people have no insurance because it’s too expensive or just they are “illegal”. So, they cross their fingers everyday, in order not to be struck down with a simple illness (they don’t have sick days).

    Have you suffered from a pink eye? or a simple otitis?. I did it, and my doctor’s appointment cost 350$ (treatment apart, of course). Thanks to my insurance, I didn’t pay anything, but most people there CAN’T afford this prices.

    I would like you to realize about what’s happening here. We had the best health care in Europe even one of the best in the world, free for everyone (paperless people included), but we are loosing it.

    Have you ever wondered why?, I tell you the true, “BUSINESS”.
    Hopefully the Obamacare is set up.


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