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Purpose clauses: to, in order to, so as to, so that

Here’s an explanation in youtube: A more conventional explanation can be found in For some online exercises check: tolearnenglish,, myenglishpages, autoenglish

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ONLY FOR GIRLS: more things we can do for the environment…

What’s the ‘mooncup’? What are its advantages for your health, the environment and your pocket? How do you use? Here’s a video from youtube and another one more. There are more alternatives. Make a comment!

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Although, though, even though, despite, in spite of

A great video explanation Here’s a traditional explanation about the differences between although and though in The list of exercises may be endless but here’s an interesting selection: speakspeak1, speakspeak2,  tolearnenglish, usingenglish, learnenglishtoday.  

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What can we do for the environment?

Check on this experiment!  For one year, Colin Beaven and his family UNPLUGGED from electricity, produced NO RUBBISH, travelled exclusively ON FOOT OR BY BIKE, and BOUGHT NOTHING but good (all of it locally grown). By the end, they discovered something SURPRISING: Living simply wasn’t just food … Continue reading

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Top 50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming VIDEOS: Global warming explained by Al Gore (video). You can also watch a BBC video about global warming.   Thanks to Marie Laure for the link!! An interesting listening on global warming. In ESL-bits. net … Continue reading

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