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Different people talk about education (listening)

Different people talk about EDUCATION. This is a similar task to the one you will come up with in the certificate exam. It lasts 7:35 minutes. Don’t you have eight minutes at the end of the day? Advertisements

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This hand out (passive imp with infinitive) can help you with the impersonal use of the passive (using infinitives) and this one has examples and translations ( passive_voice ). We all love listening to and watching people. Here is Jennifer ESL in youtube who is … Continue reading

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Education: charter schools in the USA

Have you ever heard of charter schools? They’re controversial state-subsidised private schools. This is an interesting video about them. Despite taking a nonacademic approach it offers some sobering well-founded facts.

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Listenings on education

Here it is an interesting listening related to education. The British Council can also help a lot with your listening skills. It includes a really interesting one:  Ten Years without Books.

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What’s the origin of Halloween? The British Council has a great online magazine with listenings and readings. This one is about Halloween. It is short and interesting.  Halloween jokes Listening on Halloween Sleeping beauty or a scary story? Watch ONLY during daytime…


News in just ONE minute Everybody has a minute! But if you happen to have more time you can have a look at the videos on the right.

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An interesting explanation of the Trump phenomenon 

Can you ‘waste’ one minute and a half watching this video?

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