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News in just ONE minute Everybody has a minute! But if you happen to have more time you can have a look at the videos on the right.

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An interesting explanation of the Trump phenomenon 

Can you ‘waste’ one minute and a half watching this video?

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Continuous tenses

After revising the uses you should check you are fully familiar with their use. Try where you’ll find some exercises. In order to get some contrasts use this one too. A useful explanation for the use of the past … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s latest blunder

Locker room talk? Not really:


English songs to learn and practise


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Brexit: a funny approach

Here you have a funny video on ‘brexit’: Can you turn on the subtitles? Do you know how? Remember you can comment!!!

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Jamie Oliver’s paella brings fractured Spain together … against him

Renowned British chef ‘reinvents’ paella…  What’s your opinion about it? Would you try it? Comment freely!

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