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Great blogs

Have a look at this two blogs. They’re awesome!!! 

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Words you might mispronounce

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Typical mistakes by Spanish & Catalan speakers

Have you ever wondered which our ‘favourite’ mistakes are? You will find a handful of the most common ones in this book. 

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English Central

English central is a great web with a lot of videos you can use to improve your English. I quite like the section Debate It (on the right)

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/3:/ in U2 The Miracle…

Where can you find /3:/ in the chorus of this song?

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The Dark Side Of Chocolate

Do you think slavery is non-existent in our world? The following documentary proves otherwise… The Dark Side Of Chocolate – Modern Slavery As consumers we can do a lot by being careful with the the chocolate we buy, avoiding chocolate coming … Continue reading

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Yes, we can

We are vastly influenced by American politics and on Tuesday we have the presidential election. The words ‘Yes we can’ have become Obama’s hallmark. This was his famous speech (from minute 10:34). His English is very standard and with a powerful … Continue reading

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He just sued the school system 

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