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Great blogs

Have a look at this two blogs. They’re awesome!!!  Advertisements

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Hackers and Government surveillance

We were talking about this in class today. Remember John Oliver has a very particular sense of humour. The other side of the coin of new technologies: the government watching over us, ignoring our privacy. Remember you can activate the … Continue reading

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The: When do we omit it?

OMISSION OF THE DEFINITE ARTICLE ‘THE’ When shall we omit the? There are some good explanations in: englishpractice, englishgrammar,  eslmonster, or even in video  youtube. If you want to practice: englishexercises1 and englishexercises2,  englishlearner, english-hilfen1 and english-hilfen2, learnforgood, and monash. Do not feel overwhelmed by so many links. Have a look at the … Continue reading

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Words you might mispronounce

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Typical mistakes by Spanish & Catalan speakers

Have you ever wondered which our ‘favourite’ mistakes are? You will find a handful of the most common ones in this book. 

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Relative clauses

What are the typical mistakes we make with these sentences? Can you spend two minutes testing yourself? By the way do you use ‘who his / who her’ instead of ‘whose’? As you probably remember there are defining and non-defining … Continue reading

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English Central

English central is a great web with a lot of videos you can use to improve your English. I quite like the section Debate It (on the right)

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