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Spaniards’ lack of sleep

Spaniards’ lack of sleep isn’t a cultural thing – they’re in the wrong time zone Advertisements

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More resources

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Watch in English

A very interesting blog to watch all sorts of well-chosen videos:

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Should we accept refugees?

The difference between Canada and the USA:

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Trump vs. Truth

An enlightening view… Another controversial issue. If you have problems understanding turn on the subtitles.

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Valentine’s Day

Watch History of Saint Valentine’s Day     Here’s another video to learn how to be romantic and creative on Saint Valentine’s Day! And another video with vocab: How many ways do you know to say ‘I love you’? More … Continue reading

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Health: are we eating too much sugar?

If you had to estimate what percentage of the stuff in grocery stores has added sugar? ROBERT LUSTIG: I don’t have to estimate, it’s 74 percent. Just look at the labels of the products you buy in the supermarket ( … Continue reading

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