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Education: charter schools in the USA

Have you ever heard of charter schools? They’re controversial state-subsidised private schools. This is an interesting video about them. Despite taking a nonacademic approach it offers some sobering well-founded facts.

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What’s the origin of Halloween? The British Council has a great online magazine with listenings and readings. This one is about Halloween. It is short and interesting.  Halloween jokes Listening on Halloween Sleeping beauty or a scary story? Watch ONLY during daytime…

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Listening (training courses) plus a cloze

Let’s spend 30 minutes practising for the test! First you can listen to some people talking about training courses (multiple matching listening) Now you can do a cloze (a text with gaps) based on recent events.

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Education, creativity and divergent thinking. A wonderful video with a great animation! Do you agree with the theory stated? MAKE A COMMENT AND DISCUSS!!  

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Are you sure you master tenses in English? Try this quick test or this one. They can be done very fast and easily.  Grammar bank is also useful in that sense. You can check an overview of English tenses in English Hilfen. … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel Cries on the tragedy in Las Vegas Can anything be done?

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Is he successful?

Write a comment of what you thought about the video.

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Catalonia: views from abroad

In C1 we should be able to deal with most topics naturally. We can’t deny Catalonia is in the spotlight and everybody’s opinion very much depends on one’s feelings and political views, which will not obviously be considered when marking … Continue reading

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