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​Can wolves change rivers? 

Absolutely yes!! Watch this amazing and inspiring video How Wolves Change Rivers….

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In the certificate exam you may encounter burning issues which are in the spotlight. Being well-informed about current affairs is of paramount importance. In this article you’ll find some thought-provoking ideas on an overwhelmingly present mainstream thought.  The video is also … Continue reading

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Gun violence

Some Americans have a weird approach to this issue. Thank god we have some sense of humour… Remember you can turn on the subtitles

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Social media

If you want to take part ask your teacher for the password

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Guerrilla gardening

How about some examples of guerrilla gardeners: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory. Slow, clear English:

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The Good Gym

An interesting initiative to help elderly people!

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Fabricating Consumers


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