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Extra listening: two interviews, and a story about a swan

Three extracts with multiple choice questions Part of an interview with a woman who works in retail management, a story about a swan, and part of an interview with Bruce Loader, a successful businessman who is talking about his … Continue reading

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You get up in the morning and open the tap to get water. A simple action many people can’t dream of. Nevertheless, there’s quite a simple witty solution. Matt Damon has teamed up with water expert Gary White More information in

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Recycling. Are we closer to Norway or to the USA?

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Women’s Day: Equality in freedom

One in three Spanish women has felt sexually harassed, new poll finds Women in Spain earn 13% less than men for similar work, new study shows

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Before getting one it is critical to do some research and prepare thoroughly.

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Why we knock on wood and the truth about other common superstitions

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Women’s Day

A bit of history: Women suffer countless microaggressions on daily basis. What are they?

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