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Equality: Which Equality?

A highly enlightening reflection on our society, the true meaning of equality and the roles of breadwinners and caregivers. A definite must! Advertisements

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Raising A Kid (listening and reading)

This month, NPR’s Science Desk is kicking off a new series that asks a question on the mind of every parent: Is there a way to make raising kids easier? Our reporters dive into the latest research and explore some … Continue reading

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Listening: learning languages (Spanish)

Multiple matching. You will hear five people talking about learning Spanish.  

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Listening: favourite sport

Sophie talks about her favourite sport: cricket (multiple choice)

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Listening: how people feel

Multiple choice: how people feel about music, mathematics, or when handling tragedy

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Listening: personality tests

People talk about personality tests (multiple matching) If you happen to give one a try here are two online possibilities:

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Listening: travelling experiences

Five different people are talking about their experiences of travelling (7 minutes)

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