ONLY FOR GIRLS: more things we can do for the environment…

Have you ever thought about the amount of waste we are producing with sanitary pads?

What’s the ‘mooncup’? What are its advantages for your health, the environment and your pocket? How do you use it?  There are more alternatives. Make a comment!

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1 Response to ONLY FOR GIRLS: more things we can do for the environment…

  1. -------- says:

    And what about breastfeeding?
    Breastfeeding is not just a lifestyle choice. It’s environmentally friendly. Producing artificial baby milk contributes to an inefficient use of land, deforestation and soil erosion. It requires a high amount of fertilizers and irrigation.
    Moreover, the manufacturing of the packing of artificial baby milk creates toxins and uses paper, plastic and tin.
    Besides, the menstruation is delayed for an average of 14 months for mothers who breastfeed exclusively, saving vast amounts of paper used in sanitary hygiene products.
    I can asure you, there are more and more and advantages about breastfeeding that definitely can contribute to the health of our planet….


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