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Immigration and homelessness

Another standpoint from  mayor of Los Angeles.   

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Brilliant Speech On Immigration at Congressional Hearing by Stephen Colbert

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At work- listening

Things that have recently happened to people at work (different speakers, multiple matching). You can use the link to youtube or this more mobile-friendly page:

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Would and used to

  Great song with loads of history-related vocabulary. Enjoy!

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Working for free? Internships Some companies offer students or recent graduates what they call internships. These are extended periods of work experience where someone can be working full-time without an actual contract and, in many cases, without even being paid. But does this mean … Continue reading

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Perfect Tenses

Originally posted on eoic1:
Are you sure you master verb tenses in English? You have two possible testing options: The ones where you have to type or thumb the thumb the tenses: this quick test or this one. They can be done…

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Listening: changing jobs

What would make you change jobs? A better salary? More prospects of promotion? Improved job satisfaction? You’re welcome to make a comment!! Your teacher will definitely appreciate it!!  Five different people are talking about how they gave up office jobs to do … Continue reading

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What are the secrets to success?

However, success is a continuous journey…. An interesting article: Why Some Students Fail And Other Students Succeed

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