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Mountaineering (listening)

Here’s a listening (sentence completion) about a mountaineer, with some surprising facts:

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Linking Words

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Two listenings: celebrities & an interview with an astronaut

The first one is an interview with the astronaut Charles Duke, who is talking about his trip to the moon (multiple choice) In the second one you will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about an occasion … Continue reading

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Future and future in the past

Apart from the explanation in the grammar section you can watch this video for an interesting overview: However you may feel the need for exercises. TRY AT LEAST ONE to see if you fully understand these tenses : in English … Continue reading

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Listening and vocabulary: TOURISM & TRAVELLING

An excellent leisure activity is travelling. Here’s a listening on holidays (exam format) Are you sure you know the difference between travel, trip and journey? Some interesting collocations on tourism are always useful to deal with the topic. More vocabulary and expressions in … Continue reading

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Feel like dancing? Listen to some people talking about how they feel when dancing. How long does it take to practise this listening? On the whole? Just 10 minutes!! (The key is at the bottom)   KEY: 17-C     18-B    … Continue reading

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Leisure time and creativity

In Unit 3 you are going to learn about creativity and leisure time. A. Watch a short video with an interview with Creative Director Emma Sexton. Remember that you can activate subtitles on YouTube. Watch the video three times: the … Continue reading

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Quantifiers: both, either,…

A quick test on how much you know: Explanation:  A bunch of exercises: Many resources for teachers:

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The: When do we omit it?

OMISSION OF THE DEFINITE ARTICLE ‘THE’ When shall we omit the? There are some good explanations in: englishpractice, englishgrammar,  eslmonster, or even in video  youtube. If you want to practice: englishexercises1 and englishexercises2,  englishlearner, english-hilfen1 and english-hilfen2, learnforgood, and monash. Do not feel overwhelmed by so many links. Have a look at the … Continue reading

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