Living in a village (listening)

What is it like to be living in a village? What are the pros and cons?

(PDF All Exam

You will hear five short extracts in which different people are talking about living in a village. Each extract has two questions. For questions 25-34, choose the correct answer A, B or C.
You will hear the recording twice.  

Speaker 1

25 What does the first speaker like about living in a village?
A the friendly people
B the outdoor activities

C the peaceful atmosphere


26 She would prefer a bus service which

A the villagers would be able to organise themselves.

B would provide daily access to the town.

C would be used for short trips within the village.


Speaker 2

27. The second speaker thinks small local businesses are declining because

A rural crafts are no longer in demand.

B local property is getting too expensive.

C the local work force is not skilled enough.


  1. What does he think the villagers should do to bring more work to the area?

A use their own savings to set up new businesses

B wait for the state to create jobs for the unemployed

C look for public money to supplement investment


Speaker 3

  1. What does the third speaker think about shopping by computer?

A It might prove a useful development.

B It might be hard to adapt to it.

C It might make an amusing change.


  1. She feels the government should

A lower petrol prices for rural areas.

B expand the existing public transport service.

C develop new transport systems.


Speaker 4

  1. What does the fourth speaker think about working at home?

A It’s an opportunity to make new contacts.

B It saves him the daily journey.

C It provides him with useful leisure time.


  1. Who does he think should construct the village sports facility?

A the local council

B the villagers themselves

C a group of local teenagers


Speaker 5

  1. What does the fifth speaker regret?

A moving to the countryside

B losing a source of income

C not supporting the local amenities


  1. What aspect of village life would she like to be involved in?

A improving public transport

B supplying necessities

C helping with education




25-C 26-A 27-B 28-C 29-B 30-A 31-B 32-B 33-C 34-B

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