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Global warming: how to save the planet!

Top 50 Things To Save the Planet   Or you might want to try a shorter version: 10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth   VIDEOS: Global warming explained by Al Gore (video)  

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Passive houses? Active saving

What do you think if you could spend 10% of the electricity you are using to keep your house heated or cooled? Watch how passive houses work in 90 seconds only! It can also be applied to our Mediterranean climate. … Continue reading

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Tourism (listening)

An interesting listening on tourism with different speakers (multiple matching). You can also find it here: (part 4) KEY: 21-H 22-C 23-D 24-E 25-G 26-E 27-D 28-G 29-C 30-A Download the full exam

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Mixed conditionals, omission of IF and alternatives

Omission of if with inversion: some theory and practice can be found in grammar quizzes (scroll down for the practice) and english zone.  There are some alternatives to IF (as long as, provided (that), providing, even if, unless) plus some theory. Mixed conditionals: oup, english … Continue reading

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ONLY FOR GIRLS: more things we can do for the environment…

Have you ever thought about the amount of waste we are producing with sanitary pads? What’s the ‘mooncup’? What are its advantages for your health, the environment and your pocket? How do you use it?  There are more alternatives. Make a comment!

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Gradable and ungradable adjectives

I’m very happy. I’m really happy. Thrilled! I’m really thrilled! I’m absolutely thrilled! Can you see a difference between happy and thrilled? Which one is gradable? Some adjectives are extreme or ungradable: Find out more on the BBC webpage with a video and an … Continue reading

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How to make a mask

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The Guardian, a broad sheet British newspaper, has a whole section on environment-related news. It’s well worth a click to read and get interesting ideas: reducing household food waste, Climate change impacts are already hitting us, solar power, Barcelona to ban old … Continue reading

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NO impact man

For one year, Colin Beaven and his family UNPLUGGED from electricity, produced NO RUBBISH, travelled exclusively ON FOOT OR BY BIKE, and BOUGHT NOTHING but food (all of it locally grown). By the end, they discovered something SURPRISING: Living simply wasn’t just good for the … Continue reading

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​Can wolves change rivers? 

Absolutely yes!! Watch this amazing and inspiring video How Wolves Change Rivers….

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