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African or French

After the recent World Cup much has been said about the African origin of most of the French players. Trevor Noah’s approach is always refreshing and humorous. Advertisements

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Immigration and homelessness

Another standpoint from a likely candidate to the US presidency in 2020

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Equality: Which Equality?

A highly enlightening reflection on our society, the true meaning of equality and the roles of breadwinners and caregivers. A definite must!

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Raising A Kid (listening and reading)

This month, NPR’s Science Desk is kicking off a new series that asks a question on the mind of every parent: Is there a way to make raising kids easier? Our reporters dive into the latest research and explore some … Continue reading

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Listening: learning languages (Spanish)

Multiple matching. You will hear five people talking about learning Spanish.  

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Listening: favourite sport

Sophie talks about her favourite sport: cricket (multiple choice)

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Listening: how people feel

Multiple choice: how people feel about music, mathematics, or when handling tragedy

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