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Different people talk about education (listening)

Different people talk about EDUCATION. This is a similar task to the one you will come across in the certificate exam. It lasts 7:35 minutes. Don’t you have eight minutes at the end of the day?       KEY: … Continue reading

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Letters of request

How  to write a request letter Sample request letters

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MEDIATION: describing trends

In the new mediation skill you might be asked to explain a diagram or a line graph. Knowing how to do it and using specific vocabulary, will be essential for you to be successful. Watch this video to help you: … Continue reading

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Listening: training courses + a cloze

Let’s spend 30 minutes improving our listening and reading skills, and, as a byproduct, practising for the test! As we are involved in the topic of education and training, you can listen to some people talking about training courses (multiple … Continue reading

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How can I talk about migration?

Here are some quick tips:, summarised in a video:   Before discussing a topic it is advisable to obtain some factual support. You can find some in this interesting article from Newscientist:

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At work- listening

Things that have recently happened to people at work (different speakers, multiple matching). You can use the link to youtube or this more mobile-friendly page:

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Would and used to

  Great song with loads of history-related vocabulary. Enjoy!

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