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Listening (training courses) plus a cloze

Let’s spend 30 minutes practising for the test! First you can listen to some people talking about training courses (multiple matching listening) Now you can do a cloze (a text with gaps) based on recent events. Advertisements

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School racial segregation

Do you think racial school segregation is a thing of the past in the USA? Where would you expect it to happen? Do you think we segregate students in Spain with our dual schooling system (state schools vs charter schools)? … Continue reading

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Kids think differently

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Letters of request

​How  to write a request letter Sample request letters

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He just sued the school system 

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Different people talk about education (listening)

Different people talk about EDUCATION. This is a similar task to the one you will come up with in the certificate exam. It lasts 7:35 minutes. Don’t you have eight minutes at the end of the day?

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This hand out (passive imp with infinitive) can help you with the impersonal use of the passive (using infinitives) and this one has examples and translations ( passive_voice ). We all love listening to and watching people. Here is Jennifer ESL in youtube who is … Continue reading

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