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Garden experts and guerrilla gardening

An interesting multiple choice listening with an interview with two gardening experts: How about some examples of guerrilla gardeners: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory. Slow, clear English: Advertisements

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If you protest with a pie you might end up in prison… Read this text with gaps. Is the punishment too harsh? Spanish environmental activists could face lengthy jail terms for pie protest

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What would you have done?

Do you remember the listening pointing out the differences between Americans and the British? The American guy was complaining that British people tend to play down their achievements. This story is a perfect example. Imagine you have been married for … Continue reading

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What would happen if you didn’t SLEEP?

TED-ED and TED-TALKS are an endless source of inspiration for discussion and certainly food for thought! In this lesson they pose the question of the consequence of sleeplessness.  You might even like to have a look at related topics. Have people … Continue reading


Protestors and demonstrators 

Are they right?

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The middle class is vanishing in America’s cities

Social changes are also taking in place in American society… And the prospects are disheartening:

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