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Would and used to

  Great song with loads of history-related vocabulary. Enjoy! Advertisements

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A handout on passive infinitives and another one on the passive_voice with examples and translations. We all love listening to and watching people. Here is Jennifer ESL on youtube who is explaining the passive. The best links to practise are the ones including an explanation with … Continue reading

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Are you sure you master tenses in English? Try this quick test or this one. They can be done very fast and easily.  Grammar bank is also useful in that sense. You can check an overview of English tenses in English Hilfen. … Continue reading

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Inversion (negative words)

A complete list of easy exercises (drag and drop) are available in random idea english. Practise with a film and activities based on it. A multiple choice execise on inversion can be found in esl-lounge. Easy to practise exercises (less … Continue reading

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Gerund or infinitive?

This is a great visual summary: Why don’t you practise with songs? Click here If you want a video explanation there’s a great one on youtube: For a complete explanation have a look at perfect English grammar. If you want … Continue reading

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Mixed conditionals, omission of IF and alternatives

Omission of if with inversion: some theory and practice can be found in grammar quizzes (scroll down for the practice) and english zone.  There are some alternatives to IF (as long as, provided (that), providing, even if, unless) plus some theory. Mixed conditionals: oup, english … Continue reading

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Learning Modals with songs and films??? Yeah!!

SONGS: Here you can see a great powerpoint explanation (with practice) on these modals! The British Council’s web is always a must! What are the typical characteristics of modal verbs? Have a look at a very useful handout: modal-verbs-tutorial2 Looking for quick exercises? … Continue reading

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