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Living in a village (listening)

What is it like to be living in a village? What are the pros and cons? (PDF All Exam You will hear five short extracts in which different people are talking about living in a village. Each extract has two questions. For … Continue reading

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Stereotypes and prejudices

How do the British see us? Read this interesting article. Just register (it’s free!) How to drink like a Spaniard? Another interesting view from foreigners An interesting project to turn stereotypes upside down:

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What are the key British traits? And the most famous British icons?

A telling and amusing article, and it’s also short!!

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Hackers and Government surveillance

    The other side of the coin of new technologies: the government watching over us, ignoring our privacy. Remember John Oliver has a very particular sense of humour. Remember you can activate the subtitles at the bottom:

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Social Networks

NPR news is an interesting source of updated news with texts and audios. Ted talks are inspiring speeches by experts on all sorts of topics you should try (videos with transcripts to help you understand better). How Do Our Social Networks … Continue reading

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Immigration and homelessness

Another standpoint from  mayor of Los Angeles.   

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Brilliant Speech On Immigration at Congressional Hearing by Stephen Colbert

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