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Facebook: things we should delete


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Social Networks

NPR news is an interesting source of updated news with texts and audios. Ted talks are inspiring speeches by experts on all sorts of topics you should try (videos with transcripts to help you understand better). How Do Our Social Networks … Continue reading

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African or French

After the recent World Cup much has been said about the African origin of most of the French players. Trevor Noah’s approach is always refreshing and humorous.

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Immigration and homelessness

Another standpoint from a likely candidate to the US presidency in 2020

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You get up in the morning and open the tap to get water. A simple action many people can’t dream of. Nevertheless, there’s quite a simple witty solution. Matt Damon has teamed up with water expert Gary White More information in

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Women’s Day: Equality in freedom

One in three Spanish women has felt sexually harassed, new poll finds Women in Spain earn 13% less than men for similar work, new study shows

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In the certificate exam you may encounter burning issues which are in the spotlight. Being well-informed about current affairs is of paramount importance. In this article you’ll find some thought-provoking ideas on an overwhelmingly present mainstream thought.  The video is also … Continue reading

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