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Stars: a song with a few relatives

You can see a few relative clauses in this song plus some interesting vocabulary for your compositions (states, as for…). Enjoy and sing along!!!  

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Would and used to

  Great song with loads of history-related vocabulary. Enjoy!

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Gerund or infinitive?

This is a great visual summary: Why don’t you practise with songs? Click here If you want a video explanation there’s a great one on youtube: For a complete explanation have a look at perfect English grammar. If you want … Continue reading

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Some songs about consumerism: Are we consuming too much? Lilly Allen ‘The Fear’. Test your understanding with lyrics training, too   Jessie J. ‘Price Tag’

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Never Give Up

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Castle On The Hill- song

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/3:/ in a song (U2)

Do you remember this sound /3:/? You can find it in GIRL and in this song:

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English songs to learn and practise


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I’m only human…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… Using songs is an entertaining activity to learn and practise English.  ‘I’m only human‘ is a beautiful song and it’s great to practise the pronunciation of the most usual pronunciation … Continue reading

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Can you sing these songs?

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