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No time for reading? A trove of contemporary audiobooks in episodes! Worth listening!

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Phrasal Verbs for Reading

Phrasal Verbs for Reading Sometimes we read to find out information and at other times, we read simply for pleasure. We may read the whole of a text or only parts of it. To describe the different ways in which … Continue reading

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English Dialects

Have you ever listened to different people speaking in English and wondered where they were from? With IDEA (Intentional Dialects of English Archive) you can get a taste of some of them:  

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Gerund or infinitive?

This is a great visual summary: Why don’t you practise with songs? Click here If you want a video explanation there’s a great one on youtube: For a complete explanation have a look at perfect English grammar. If you want … Continue reading

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April fools’ day

April fool – the language of jokes and tricks

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New resources

Resources for tests (with all the skills) NEW: CAE Gold Advanced exam maximizer: the book and the listenings

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Hackers and Government surveillance

An interesting approach to this complex issue. Remember John Oliver has a very particular sense of humour. The other side of the coin of new technologies: the government watching over us, ignoring our privacy.

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