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Social Networks

NPR news is an interesting source of updated news with texts and audios. Ted talks are inspiring speeches by experts on all sorts of topics you should try (videos with transcripts to help you understand better). How Do Our Social Networks … Continue reading

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The: When do we omit it?

OMISSION OF THE DEFINITE ARTICLE ‘THE’ When shall we omit the? There are some good explanations in: englishpractice, englishgrammar,  eslmonster, or even in video  youtube. If you want to practice: englishexercises1 and englishexercises2,  englishlearner, english-hilfen1 and english-hilfen2, learnforgood, and monash. Do not feel overwhelmed by so many links. Have a look at the … Continue reading

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Crime. Is Forensic Science To Be Trusted?

When talking about ‘crime’ knowing the precise vocabulary is mandatory: cae 16 crime You can also find inspiration in the following videos. Remember you can turn on the subtitles in English. What happens to people coming out of prison?

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Stars: a song with a few relatives

You can see a few relative clauses in this song plus some interesting vocabulary for your compositions (states, as for…). Enjoy and sing along!!!  

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How can I talk about migration?

Here are some quick tips:, summarised in a video:   Before discussing a topic it is advisable to obtain some factual support. You can find some in this interesting article from Newscientist:

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Brilliant Speech On Immigration at Congressional Hearing by Stephen Colbert

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What are the secrets to success?

However, success is a continuous journey…. An interesting article: Why Some Students Fail And Other Students Succeed

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