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Gun violence

Some Americans have a weird approach to this issue. Thank god we have some sense of humour… Remember you can turn on the subtitles Advertisements

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The Good Gym

An interesting initiative to help elderly people!

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Fabricating Consumers


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Sex assaults and harassment

Have you heard of the Larry Nassar case? An outrageous case of sexual abuse, whose verdict is analysed by The Daily Show. After Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo new cases of unsolicited sex advances have appeared on the news. Not all the cases are … Continue reading

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Creativity: the original habits of creative original thinkers

How do creative people come up with great ideas? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant studies “originals”: thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world. In this talk, learn three unexpected habits of originals — … Continue reading

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Learning Modals with songs and films??? Yeah!!

SONGS: Here you can see a great powerpoint explanation (with practice) on these modals! The British Council’s web is always a must! What are the typical characteristics of modal verbs? Have a look at a very useful handout: modal-verbs-tutorial2 Looking for quick exercises? … Continue reading

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The: When do we omit it?

OMISSION OF THE DEFINITE ARTICLE ‘THE’ When shall we omit the? There are some good explanations in: englishpractice, englishgrammar,  eslmonster, or even in video  youtube. If you want to practice: englishexercises1 and englishexercises2,  englishlearner, english-hilfen1 and english-hilfen2, learnforgood, and monash. Do not feel overwhelmed by so many links. Have a look at the … Continue reading

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