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Crime. Is Forensic Science To Be Trusted?

When talking about ‘crime’ knowing the precise vocabulary is mandatory: cae 16 crime You can also find inspiration in these videos: What happens to people coming out of prison? Advertisements

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EDUCATION useful-expressions-for-talking-about-teaching2 Have a look at an interesting article on our EEOOII in The Guardian. The newspaper’s general section on education is really inspiring.

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Spoken English Adjectives and Adverbs

Powerful adjectives and adverbs to impress the examiners…

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CAE VOCABULARY cae 1 jobs cae 2 hobbies and activities cae 3 vocabulary education language learning cae 4 people , family and relationships cae 5 science and environment cae 6 technology cae 7 vocabulary feelings psychology cae 8 cities traffic houses … Continue reading

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Phrasal Verbs for Reading

Phrasal Verbs for Reading Sometimes we read to find out information and at other times, we read simply for pleasure. We may read the whole of a text or only parts of it. To describe the different ways in which … Continue reading

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I messed up! (Phrasal verbs for problems)

I messed up! (Phrasal verbs for problems) by Kate Woodford Bjorn Vinter/UpperCut Images/Getty Last month we focused on words and phrases that are used to describe problems and difficult situations. This week we’re looking specifically at phrasal verbs in this area. In … Continue reading

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Learn a couple of expressions every day

Vocabulary in small doses: learn a couple of expressions every day. You can even test yourself ( and there’s no need to use twitter.

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