Stars: a song with a few relatives

You can see a few relative clauses in this song plus some interesting vocabulary for your compositions (states, as for…). Enjoy and sing along!!!


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Listening: major changes in life

To hear the listening on major changes in life, you have to click on part 4 in case the link opens at the beginning!

Script and key: MAJOR CHANGES IN PEOPLE’S LIVES- multiple matching

Apart from the listening you can also have a look at this article:

10 Things To Do To Change Your Life Forever

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Protected: Listening: multiple matching. How I changed my lifestyle

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Letters of request

How  to write a request letter

Sample request letters

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As you probably know the passive is commonly used in English when we don’t know or don’t want to say who did something:


In Spanish we often resort to the structure ‘se’, which makes us (or rather, people from other classes…) avoid the passive in English as they are different verb patterns.

Here you are  A handout on passive infinitives, which are often translated as ‘Se supone que, se sabe que, etc.) and another one on the passive_voice with quick explanations, examples and translations.

We all love listening to and watching people. Here is Jennifer ESL on youtube who is explaining the passive.

The best links to PRACTISE are the ones including an explanation with examples of passive formsa really clear one with tables, and a quick one in Better English.

Quickly click on each link and decide which one suits you best!

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Listening: changing jobs

What would make you change jobs? A better salary? More prospects of promotion? Improved job satisfaction? You’re welcome to make a comment!! Your teacher will definitely appreciate it!! 

Five different people are talking about how they gave up office jobs to do other types of work. Try this multiple matching listening:

Are you becoming a career addict? Is your job taking control of your life? Is this happening to people around you or in our society? Check out if these signs apply to your friends, you or a friend of a friend:  You’re welcome to make a comment!! Your teacher will definitely appreciate it!! 

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Listening: training courses + a cloze

Let’s spend 30 minutes improving our listening and reading skills, and, as a byproduct, practising for the test!

exam practice

As we are involved in the topic of education and training, you can listen to some people talking about training courses (multiple matching listening). It only takes 9 minutes!! Remember the answers are just below the video screen (‘show more’) and that you can download the whole book of exams it has been taken from. It is also at the bottom of this post…

training courses

Now you can do a cloze (a text with gaps) based on past events, which could well be recent. The title is ‘German neo-Nazi party cancels protest after boarding wrong train‘ and forturnately shows they don’t have a good head on their shoulders.

KEY TO LISTENING: 21-F 22-E 23-C 24-D 25-H 26-D 27-A 28-C 29-B 30-H


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