Letters of request

How  to write a request letter

Sample request letters

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Would and used to


Great song with loads of history-related vocabulary. Enjoy!

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School racial segregation

Do you think racial school segregation is a thing of the past in the USA? Where would you expect it to happen? Do you think we segregate students in Spain with our dual schooling system (state schools vs charter schools)? We tend to think we don’t have it but some research on gipsy students shows otherwise (page 25). My guess is the same would apply to migrants; just walk around the different schools in our town. How many pupils with an islamic background attend a charter school?

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Listenings on education

I don't speak EnglishHere it is an interesting listening related to education. The British Council can also help a lot with your listening skills. It includes a really interesting one:  Ten Years without Books.those who can do

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Education: charter schools in the USA

Have you ever heard of charter schools? They’re controversial state-subsidised private schools. This is an interesting video about them. Despite taking a nonacademic approach it offers some sobering well-founded facts.

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A handout on passive infinitives and another one on the passive_voice with examples and translations.

We all love listening to and watching people. Here is Jennifer ESL on youtube who is explaining the passive.

The best links to practise are the ones including an explanation with examples of passive formsa really clear one with tables, and a quick one in Better English.

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What’s the origin of Halloween?

The British Council has a great online magazine with listenings and readings. This one is about Halloween. It is short and interesting. 

Halloween jokes

Listening on Halloween

Sleeping beauty or a scary story? Watch ONLY during daytime…

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