Listening: how people feel

Multiple choice: how people feel about music, mathematics, or when handling tragedy

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Listening: personality tests

People talk about personality tests (multiple matching)

If you happen to give one a try here are two online possibilities:

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Listening: travelling experiences

Five different people are talking about their experiences of travelling (7 minutes)

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Achieving Mindfulness with Meditation

Dan Harris had a panic attack and decided to get his act together. Getting peace of mind is a way of succeeding. All of it with a light-hearted approach.

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Social media influencing politics and society

How has social media impacted not only the political system but also our society? The first half is an interesting approach to the matter and they’re also referring another Texas shooting. A few interesting expressions: in the light of, clickbait, etc.

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Listening: quitting office jobs

Five different people are talking about how they gave up office jobs to do other types of work. Try this multiple matching listening:

Are you becoming a career addict? Check this out:

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Listening: Starting a Business

Five different people are talking about starting a business (multiple matching and just 9 minutes). They talk about the reasons they started it and make a comment.

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