Britain’s problem with pets: they’re bad for the planet

Britain’s problem with pets: they’re bad for the planet

Do you really think it is that bad?

pet dog on treadmill

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What are the key British traits? And the most famous British icons?

A telling and amusing article, and it’s also short!!

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Listening: interview with two gardening experts

Here’s the audio and the questions:

PDF All Exam

The same exercise on Youtube:

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Inversion (negative words)


In formal styles, when we use an adverb with negative meaning (e.g. never, seldom, rarely, scarcely, hardly) or an expression beginning with not (+ a prepositional phrase or a clause)  in front position for emphasis, we invert the subject (s) and auxiliary (aux)/modal verb. Here’s a great explanation on video with examples:

A complete list of easy exercises (drag and drop) are available in random idea english.

Practise with a film and activities based on it.



A multiple choice exercise on inversion can be found in esl-lounge. Easy to practise exercises (less than a minute each): perfect english and englishtenses.

More stuff if you want further practice in pdf inversionexercises2.

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Stereotypes and prejudices

How do the British see us? Read this interesting article. Just register (it’s free!)

How to drink like a Spaniard? Another interesting view from foreigners

How to Drink Like a Spaniard

An interesting project to turn stereotypes upside down:

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Learning Modals with songs and films??? Yeah!!


Here you can see a great powerpoint explanation (with practice) on these modals! The British Council’s web is always a must!

What are the typical characteristics of modal verbs? Have a look at a very useful handout: modal-verbs-tutorial2

Looking for quick exercises? Esl-lounge, Englishpage and OUP are short good practice.

What’s the difference between NEEDN’T  HAVE and DIDN’T NEED TO?

Practise  might/must/should + have + participle with bits of MOVIES

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Listening: Performances (theatre, concerts,…)

Going to a live performance can be thrilling … or the opposite. Listen to some people giving their opinions about their experiences and find out more. As usual the answers are unveiled if you click on ‘Show more’ (or ‘Mostrar més’). You will find it on the left by scrolling down. They are also at the bottom of the post, though.  Remember you can turn on the subtitles and the transcript.

listening performances

Answers: 23-B 24-A 25-C 26-A 27-C 28-A 29-B 30-B 31-A 32-C

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