6. Listening (training courses) plus a cloze

Let’s spend 30 minutes improving our listening and reading skills, and, as a byproduct, practising for the test!

exam practice

As we are involved in the topic of education and training, you can listen to some people talking about training courses (multiple matching listening). It only takes 9 minutes!! Remember the answers are just below the video screen (‘show more’) and that you can download the whole book of exams it has been taken from. It is also at the bottom of this post…

training courses

Now you can do a cloze (a text with gaps) based on past events, which could well be recent. The title is ‘German neo-Nazi party cancels protest after boarding wrong train‘ and forturnately shows they don’t have a good head on their shoulders.

KEY TO LISTENING: 21-F 22-E 23-C 24-D 25-H 26-D 27-A 28-C 29-B 30-H