Compositions & writing


How to prepare for the writing: some great tips and connectors and linkers

Models, linking devices, punctuation, spelling, attitude clauses and phrases in this link, which is basically what you have in your book.

Examples of writings and tips in WRITEFIX. Use as a source of inspiration but try not to copy and paste…


CVs/ Resumés

If you ever need to write a CV Europass it is a great help providing some examples too. You may also try this link:


If you ever need to write a CV Europass is a great help providing some examples too.

An interesting listening with advice on writing CVs from theBritish Council.

Just for fun here you have an example of a bad CV /resume: EXAMPLE BAD RESUME



In this document you can find a brief outline of the main points you should be dealing with


This is a good example:

Many more with ideas on what to read: 

The 10 Best Books of 2016


Argumentative compositions (PROS AND CONS)

How to prepare for the writing: some great tips and connectors and linkers

How to write an argumentative composition

Typical IELTS essay PROS AND CONS topics and planning notes with acronyms





letterWikihow is a very interesting attractive website to obtain a guideline on how to write the following types of letters:


If you want to have a look at some interesting expressions for this type of correspondence click here.


Useful expressions to complain? Try this link and this pdf.


A useful link about helpful vocabulary for these is available here. Do you want to test yourself online about this kind of letters? Try this test from the BBC.

You can check on the structure of a cover letter having a look at the picture.  You can also find here a checklist  of the most important parts. There are also differences between British and American English. Click here for more samples.


How  to write a request letter

Sample request letters



Both are similar kind of writing. Here are some tips and useful language. offers some key expressions and samples worth reading: offers also an interesting video:



Useful language for a proposal

Stating the purpose of the proposal

  • The principal aims/objectives of this proposal are to…
  • This proposal is intended to…
  • In this proposal I describe/evaluate/present/assess…

Background information

  • Comments made at the end of the questionnaires suggest…
  • Following a survey among families of young children…
  • Concerned members of the local community were invited to attend…
  • A number of concerns with regard to the most recent street party were expressed by locals…

Making recommendations and suggestions

  • A working group should be set up by…
  • There should be an enquiry into…
  • I recommend that a larger survey should be conducted before a final decision is reached…

Final recommendations

  • The results of the survey/questionnaire suggest that the introduction of heavier fines would seem to be the best option/choice/solution.
  • If these recommendations are implemented, the situation is bound to improve.
  • Unless these suggestions are implemented, it is unlikely that there will be any improvement in the short term.


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