Welcome to the C1 course. Here you’ll find basic information about the course, that we hope you enjoy.

In these documents you will find some basic administrative informationcircular_alumnat_19_20


As for the level you may read this short leaflet about the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): Little_CEFRmigrants_EN. If you want to read more click on this link CEFR

Basic key information about the course can be found in this leaflet (the first link): fullet C1-1_2019-20_English

It would also be advisable to fill in the getting_to_know_you_questionnarire_19_20 (to be delivered to the teacher by mail or paper)

Your compositions will be corrected by hinting at the mistakes using a code: essay-correction-with-examples_c1

We all LOVE making the same old mistakes. You will be able to correct them by noting them down (MY FAVOURITE MISTAKES)  together with the right expression or word.

If you happened to buy the resource book (ADVANCED EXPERT CAE) here’s the link to all the tracks

If you want a quick access to the listenings from the student’s book (ADVANCED EXPERT CAE) this is the link.

The transcripts can be downloaded here: Adv_Expert_audioscript



100 ways to improve your English…

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