Welcome to the C1 course. Here you’ll find basic information about the course, that we hope you enjoy.

In this document you will find some basic administrative information: circular_alumnat_17_18

As for the level you may read this short leaflet about the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): Little_CEFRmigrants_EN. If you want to read more click on this link CEFR

Basic key information about the course. Read the leaflet (the first link):

fullet C1_2018-19_English

getting_to_know_you_questionari_principi_curs_2018_2019 (to be delivered to the teacher by mail)




If you happened to buy the resource book (ADVANCED EXPERT CAE) here’s the link to all the tracks:

If you want a quick access to the listenings from the student’s book (ADVANCED EXPERT CAE) this is the link:

The transcripts can be downloaded here: Adv_Expert_audioscript


100 ways to improve your English…


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