Never Give Up

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From undocumented migrant to renowned neurosurgeon

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20 TV Series To Improve Your English

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cae 1 jobs

cae 2 hobbies and activities

cae 3 vocabulary education language learning

cae 4 people , family and relationships

cae 5 science and environment

cae 6 technology

cae 7 vocabulary feelings psychology

cae 8 cities traffic houses

cae 9 holidays

cae 10 travel

cae 11 media

cae 12 business

cae 13 medicine

cae 14 money and finance

cae 15 food

cae 16 crime

cae 17 music

cae 18 money and shopping

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Brilliant Speech On Immigration at Congressional Hearing by Stephen Colbert

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Jobs? What kind of jobs?

Is coal mining the solution to create jobs? People used to shop till they dropped, but now they click till they’re sick…. Humour helps to distance ourselves from reality but also to understand it better.

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No time for reading? A trove of contemporary audiobooks in episodes! Worth listening!

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