Social Networks

NPR news is an interesting source of updated news with texts and audios. Ted talks are inspiring speeches by experts on all sorts of topics you should try (videos with transcripts to help you understand better).

How Do Our Social Networks Affect Our Health?

You can find the transcript here. and the Ted Talk here.


As Scrutiny Of Social Networks Grows, Influence Attacks Continue In Real Time

Trolls, bots and other mischief aimed at shaping the U.S. information environment have continued long after the presidential election even as Washington focuses on Facebook and Twitter.


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Sexual harassment

Victims Of Sexual Harassment Speak Up, But Legal Fears Can Inhibit Them


We need a more considered approach to using social media for social justice, says writer and activist Ione Wells. After she was the victim of an assault in London, Wells published a letter to her attacker in a student newspaper that went viral and sparked the #NotGuilty campaign against sexual violence and victim-blaming. In this moving talk, she describes how sharing her personal story gave hope to others and delivers a powerful message against the culture of online shaming.


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sms or book


Have a look at an interesting article on our EEOOII in The Guardian. The newspaper’s general section on education is really inspiring.

teacher and dinosaurs

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Listening (biography) and a cloze

Here’s a listening with an interview with a novelist and biographer.


And you can also read a text with gaps (cloze):

French actor Gerard Depardieu fined €4,000 for drunk driving


People weighed in on the most common regrets in life, and some of their answers will make you cry…

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Listening: major changes in life

To hear the listening on major changes in life, you have to click on part 4 in case the link opens at the beginning!


Apart from the listening you can also have a look at this article:

10 Things To Do To Change Your Life Forever

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Facebook: things we should delete

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Kids think differently

Do you think they are right?

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