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Mixed conditionals, omission of IF and alternatives

Omission of if with inversion: some theory and practice can be found in grammar quizzes (scroll down for the practice) and english zone.  There are some alternatives to IF (as long as, provided (that), providing, even if, unless) plus some theory. Mixed conditionals: oup, english … Continue reading

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Pollution and climate change denial begins

The more than likely policy devised by president-elect Trump couldn’t be more worrying. Remember you have access to subtitles.

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Hackers and Government surveillance

An interesting approach to this complex issue. Remember John Oliver has a very particular sense of humour. The other side of the coin of new technologies: the government watching over us, ignoring our privacy.

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Are we being spied through our smart TVs?

It’s been on the news, but how much of it is true?  

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Tourism (listening)

An interesting listening on tourism with different speakers (multiple matching)

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Global warming

Top 50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming VIDEOS: Global warming explained by Al Gore (video). You can also watch a BBC video about global warming. Thanks to Marie Laure for the link!! An interesting listening on global warming. In ESL-bits. net you’ll … Continue reading

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​Can wolves change rivers? 

Absolutely yes!! Watch this amazing and inspiring video How Wolves Change Rivers….

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